Baer Grup Graphite Elektrode

As Baer Group, we offer graphite electrodes from China, Ukraine, Japan and Germany. Graphite Electrode; petroleum coke is produced from acyclic coke and a binder coke resin. Production process; calcination, irradiation, mixing, shaping, firing, grafting, over 3000 ,C graphitization and precision machining. Graphite Electrode provides heat and melting of the scrap by transferring heat from the arc form to the scrap steel inside the furnace. Depending on the application, Normal Power, High Power (Ultra High Power) and Ultra High Power quality is used. Graphite Electrode is an important conductive material in the melting industry with good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance at high temperature. It is used in Arc and Crucible Furnaces (EAF Ocak LF) in steel industry.