Baer Silica Sand

We are producing 100.000 tons of sand per month in our field of silica sand in Istanbul Catalca. Silica sands can be used in industry as damp and dry. The use of silica sand is very diverse. It is used as raw material in many areas of the construction industry. In addition, silica sand is used in the production of filter sand, casting sand and glass. Silica sand is generally yellow, gray, beige and white. They usually ask what is the difference of silica sand from quartz sand. There is no difference between natural quartz sand and silica sand except for non-crushing quartz sands. Silicon sand and silica in the sand according to the ratio of their properties increases or decreases. Silica Sand contains a minimum of 98% SIO2. Silicium and O2 are the most abundant elements in the world and together they form one of the three minerals found in the rock form world. Silica 3 is in the form of the main crystal. Most are found in mineral quartz form. But this ore is also in the form of cristobolite and tridymite. These ores are very resistant to temperature and chemical effects. Due to this feature, it is always used in different branches of industries. Silica Sand is a well known mineral with its versatile usage areas. Some of these are used in Tile-ceramic Adhesives, Grouting Mortars, Surface Hardeners, Glass Wool Production, Fiber Reinforced Precast Manufacturing, industrial coatings, road marking sectors. Silica Sand has high abrasion, weather resistance and high chemical stability. Baer grup silica sand color, chemical purity (min. 99% SiO2) provides the desired performance in the construction industry.