Baer İndustrial Cleaning

The LFF product consisting of nanonic surfactants, which produces nanotechnology; It penetrates the dirty surface in the environment which can be cleaned by diluting with water in its working environment and takes it into its own content. The surfactant, which is divided into microns by nano technology, is divided into a micron as well as the contents of the contents of the contents of the contents and the contents of the contents of the contents With the end of the rinsing process, you will get water in the area (99% efficiency).

  • Emulsions are used while emulsifying.
  • Variety of comfort on every kind of ground.
  • Cleans in the environment with supplementation of oxalic acid in media containing oil and iron oxide.
  • After use for a while waited and cleaned with clear water gives good results.
  • The cleaned wastes are delivered to the product.
  • A normal device can be treated comfortably in the facility.
  • It does not contain banned chemicals.
  • It is a neutral product (Ph 6.5 / 7.5) Phr is not affected by ambient conditions.